If you have a project and you want to do it yourserlf or you want to hire someone else to do it...

...But you have no idea about paints, processes and prices, we can help you with free consultations

About Us

If you want to understand why i want to understand why i want to help you with these free consultations, you should take a few minutes and read the information About Us.

The world of painting is very extensive and it may be that you get stressed in the process of your project.

You may not know this but depending on your project and the quality you want, this will be the materials, preparation and painting processes to be used.

There are many kinds and qualities of paints and materials.

Painting looks easy, but it isn't. But with our help it will be very easy.


Make a description of your project and the quality you want to obtain. You can also add pictures or a short video of your project to help you better.


We go to your house to supervise your work to see that your painters are doing it right.


We do it for you, contact us and we will give you a free estimate for your project.

I leave you the company email and also personal.
Info@artistry-painting.com / heribertocartagena54@gmail.com

Also Very Important...

If you are thinking of hiring someone else and it is your first time hiring them or you found them online...

…(Don’t believe 100% by what you see online in pictures or videos you can’t see the real quality)

Also, in the world of painting you will find many professional and not so professional painters. 

If you are looking for estimates for good (cheap) prices, of course you will find them.

And if you are looking for high quality you will also find them.

"But don't get confused don't expect to find high quality and cheap price"

So if you want to get the best quality you will also have to pay the price.

But there are many who want to charge high prices for low quality and that is where we can help you to know if you will get the quality for you will pay.

So we can help you with that too.

You can subcribe and get the free guide to get the ifnormation you need.



+1 (516) 495-2457

available from 10:00 – 19:00

Email info@artistry-painting.com

Personal Mail: heribertocartagena54@gmail.com

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